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Name:Faith Lehane (Vampire AU)
Birthdate:Mar 12
Bio: (Contains spoilers - for full bio of her canon counterpart visit )

The daughter of an alcoholic mother, and a murderous father, Faith was activated as a slayer after Kendra Young's death; wild from the start, she initially attempted to reach out toward Buffy - but was shut out for her reckless behavior, which eventually led her to accidentally kill a human being. Feeling rejected by those around her, she eventually went rogue - killing again, and denying that she felt any guilt; she kidnapped Buffy's mother, poisoned Angel, and was eventually put into a coma by Buffy.

Later, when she woke, she attacked Angel again - and tortured her former watcher - wanting to be killed. Angel refused to give up on her, however, and convinced her to follow the path toward redemption - willingly going toward prison.

On the way in, however, she was captured by Darla, and turned - quickly becoming a powerful vampire in her own right. When Darla went off to find out about her apparent pregnancy, Faith went and did her own thing - keeping under the radar, until hearing that Buffy was taking on the first evil.

She returned to Sunnydale, pretending helpfulness for a time - taking advantage of the fact that no one trusted her to keep some distance between herself and them. When Buffy launched her plan to turn the potentials into slayers, she interfered - knocking out Willow (another AU) and Kennedy, before stealing the axe, and - in the hopes of hurting Willow - capturing Kennedy as well.

With her new snack's body in tow, she descended int the hell mouth, where she found Buffy fighting against the demons. She knocked one out, saving the slayer from a mortal wound, only to knock Buffy out herself the moment she relaxed. She carried both girls away in the heat of battle.

The remainder of Buffy's friends, along with the hell mouth and the first evil, were destroyed with the use of Spike's amulet. Willow was among the only survivors, taking to the air by magic; meanwhile, Faith escaped with her bounty to a lair in a nearby town.

She turned both girls - first Kennedy, who shifted eagerly at the promise of eternal life with Faith. Then Buffy, who struggled - but was unable to resist in her weakened, and chained, state. Both now serve her.

For things outside of our PSL:

Later, Willow attempted to fix things, to return herself to the past and stop things from going wrong. But Faith again learned of her plan, and attacked, interfering with the spell. Instead of sending herself to the past, sent all of them to an alternate universe (canon!verse) where Faith had never become a vampire in the first place.

Alternatively, for crossovers, the spell may have gone truly wrong, with the effect that they ended up in a different reality all together.

Mun and muse are 18+

I'm not Eliza Dushku; I lay no claim to the canon series. The AU was a joint project with faithful_buffy.
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